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Executive Committee

The overall management of the Centre is the role of the Executive Committee. This team sets goals, monitors progress, identifies opportunities and deals with any issues that arise. Every partner institution is represented. Membership is as follows:

 Executive Committee Members:







Prof Brian Fitzgerald
Lero Director

Prof Brian Fitzgerald is the Director at Lero. He holds an endowed professorship,
the Frederick A Krehbiel II Chair in Innovation in Global Business & Technology,
at the University of Limerick, Ireland, where he was also Vice President Research
from 2008-2011. He is Co-Principal Investigator in Lero and was Founding Director
of the Lero Graduate School in Software Engineering. His research interests
lie primarily in software development, encompassing development methods,
global software development, agile methods and open source software.

Prof Bashar Nuseibeh
Co-Principal Investigator

Prof Bashar Nuseibeh is Professor of Software Engineering at the University of
Limerick and was Chief Scientist at Lero until October 2012. He was also Director of
Research in Computing at The Open University (OU), where he continues to supervise
students and assist with research direction. His research interests are in software
requirements and design, security and privacy, process modelling and technology, and
technology transfer.

Prof John Murphy
Co-Principal Investigator


Prof John Murphy is an Associate Professor in Computer Science and Informatics at
University College Dublin and a Lero Co-Principal Investigator. He is an IBM Faculty
Fellow, a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, a Senior Member
of the IEEE, a Fellow and Chartered Engineer with Engineers Ireland, and a Fellow of
the Irish Computer Society. His research interests are in performance engineering,
telecommunication systems, enterprise software, middleware, mobile networks and
queueing theory.

Dr Fergal Mc Caffery
Funded Investigator


Dr Fergal Mc Caffery is a Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Principal Investigator
and Senior Lecturer. He is Director of the Regulated Software Research Group
in Dundalk Institute of Technology and the Medical Device Software Engineering
competency area in Lero. His current research interests include the development of a
software development framework for the medical device industry, software process
improvement frameworks and assessments, and global software development.

Prof Kieran Conboy
Funded Investigator

Prof Kieran Conboy is an Associate Professor and Dean of the College of Business,
Public Policy and Law at NUI Galway, Ireland. His research focuses on contemporary
software project management methods such as lean and agile. Kieran is a Lero Co-
Principal Investigator and leads a research team of 15 PhD, postdoctoral, academic and
industry staff. His research has been published in various conferences and journals
such as the Information Systems Journal, the Journal of the AIS and IEEE Software.

Prof Tiziana Margaria
Co-Principal Investigator

Prof Tiziana Margaria received a Laurea in Electrical Engineering and a PhD degree in
Computer and Systems Engineering from the Politecnico di Torino, Italy. She has broad
experience in the use of formal methods for high assurance systems. Her current
research focuses on advanced service engineering techniques supporting reliability and
compliance through a model-driven version of service-oriented development called
xMDD (eXtreme Model Driven Design) and the embedding of selected formal methods
in the development platform.

Prof Matthew Hennessy
Co-Principal Investigator

Prof Matthew Hennessy is a Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Research Professor
in Computer Science at Trinity College Dublin. His general research area is the
Foundations of Computation, with particular interest in the semantics of concurrent
and distributed systems. Current research aims at providing sound specification
techniques and verification technologies for assuring the correct behaviour of highly
distributed systems. His research has attracted significant funding from a variety of EU
research programmes and the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

Prof Joao Marques-Silva
Co-Principal Investigator

Prof Joao Marques-Silva is currently Stokes Professor of Computer Science and
Informatics, University College Dublin (UCD and is affiliated with IST/INESC-ID, Lisbon,
Portugal. Joao Marques-Silva received his PhD degree in electrical engineering and
computer science from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA, in 1995. His
current research interests include decision and function procedures, using SAT, QBF
and SMT, analysis of over-constrained systems, applied formal methods, applications
in software engineering, including model checking, testing, debugging and security,
and applications in artificial intelligence, operations research, design automation and

Prof Gregory Provan
Co-Principal Investigator

Prof Gregory Provan received his BSE from Princeton University, USA, his MSc from
Stanford University, USA, and his DPhil from University of Oxford, UK. He is currently
Director of the Complex Systems Lab ( at UCC. Prior to joining
UCC he was on faculty at the University of Pennsylvania, USA, and spent over 10 years
in industrial research. His interests are in complex systems (design, analysis and
control), diagnostics, algorithm design, and bioinformatics. His current research
focuses on modelling and analysis of sustainable energy systems, and co-design of
embedded systems.

Dr Claus Pahl
Funded Investigator

Dr Claus Pahl a Senior Lecturer at the School of Computing at Dublin City University.
He is also the Lead Principal Investigator in the Irish Centre for Cloud Computing and
Commerce (IC4) and an Investigator at the ADAPT digital content research centre.
His main area of research interest is Cloud and Service Systems Architecture. He has
published more than 250 papers, has a h-index of 27. Claus has received more than 5
million Euros in direct funding and supervised ten research students to completion at
Dublin City University.

Prof Brian Donnellan
Funded Investigator

Prof Brian Donnellan is Professor of Information Systems Innovation at Maynooth
University ( and is Academic Director of the Innovation Value Institute
( He has degrees in Engineering (B.Eng), Business (MBA) and Information
Systems (PhD). He spent 20 years working in the ICT industry where he was responsible
for the provision of Engineering Information Systems to support New Product
Development. He is an expert evaluator for the European Commission and has been
guest and associate editor of several leading IS journals including Journal of IT, Journal
of Strategic Information Systems and MIS Quarterly. He has published over 150 papers
and articles in IS journals and conferences.

Mr Brendan O’Malley
General Manager


Brendan O’Malley is General Manager of Lero, responsible for all the non-academic
aspects of the Centre’s work. He heads up a central team that manages operations,
facilities, outreach, contracts and reporting, as well as the process of bidding
for research funding in conjunction with industry and academic partners.

Susan Mitchell
Operations Manager

Susan Mitchell is the Operations Manager of Lero since its inception in 2005. She is
responsible for overseeing all aspects of Lero operations including administration,
finance, staffing, the development and day to day running of the Centre.