In addition to our core research programme, Lero researchers lead and actively participate as partners in international projects achieving significant success in Horizon Europe programmes and its predecessor Horizon 2020. Lero’s portfolio of projects demonstrates our successful track record in high-impact collaborative research with numerous partners from industry, academia, government, and civil society. Lero’s strives to create software for a better world and works across disciplines for greater impact.

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Streamlined Geriatric and Oncological evaluation based on IC Technology for holistic patient-oriented healthcare management for older multimorbid patients 

An ageing population has resulted in growing numbers of complex multimorbid chronic patients who require medical support. Therefore, modern medicine requires a novel, patient-centred attitude for more effective treatment options, as well as lower costs and better decision-making. The EU-funded GERONTE project will combine expertise in public health and public sector digital transformation to harness digital technology to improve the healthcare outcomes of elderly patients with comorbidities. Using the model of cancer multidisciplinary management, it will co-design with patients, caregivers and professionals a patient-tailored approach that will ease care pathways, management and treatment decisions while reducing healthcare costs.


Funding Programme                  Horizon 2020 SC1-BHC-24-2020

Start date/End date                   1 April 2021/31 March 2026

Coordinator                              Universite de Bordeaux

Total value of award                  €5,998,759

Lero Researcher                        Regina Connolly (DCU)



Sign Language Translation Mobile Application and Open Communications Framework

People who are deaf or hard of hearing face the challenge of interacting with others in real-life situations and are often excluded from accessing information in society. The EU-funded SignON project aims to develop a mobile application that will translate between different European sign and verbal languages. The application, a lightweight software running on a standard mobile device, will interact with a cloud-based distributed framework dedicated to the computationally heavy tasks. The application and the framework will be designed through a co-creation approach where users will work together with the SignON researchers and engineers. The application will be easily adaptable to other languages (sign and spoken) and modalities and will ultimately promote equitable exchange of information among all European citizens.


Funding Programme                 Horizon 2020 ICT-2018-20

Start date/End date                  1 January 2021/31 December 2023

Coordinator                              Dublin City University

Total value of award                 €5,616,718

Lero Researcher                        Anthony Ventresque/UCD





Safety Management Systems for Emergency Medical Staff

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) professionals, reports and recommendations from safety incidents, and an emerging body of literature from recent research, have recognised a need for a systematic and systemic approach to safety risk management within the EMS sector. In response to this, Safety Management Systems training for Emergency Medical Services (SMS4EMS) – a European partnership training initiative – will design, develop and deliver a Safety Management Systems (SMS) training solution to the EMS sector. The need for the project has been identified by EMS organisations who recognise the importance for safety, hazard and risk management for their personnel, the patients they serve, and as part of civil protection for the public and wider society.


Funding Programme                 EU ERASMUS+ Programme

Start date/End date                  1 November 2021/31 October 2023

Coordinator                              Trinity College Dublin

Total value of award                 €277,700

Lero researcher                         Siobhan Corrigan/Derek Ross



Smart monitoring to make coastal cities climate-resilient

Climate change poses huge risks for European coastal cities. Rising sea levels, floods and storms can no longer be ignored. The intensification of extreme weather events, coastal erosion and sea-level rise are major challenges to be urgently addressed by European coastal cities. The EU-funded SCORE project will develop a strategy via a network of 10 coastal city ‘living labs’ to rapidly, equitably and sustainably enhance coastal city climate resilience. In addition to developing innovative platforms to promote business opportunities and financial sustainability of coastal cities, the project will provide prototype coastal city early-warning systems to enable smart, instant monitoring and control of climate resilience in European coastal cities.


Funding Programme                 Horizon 2020-LC-CLA-2020-2

Start date/End date                  1 July 2021/30 June 2025

Coordinator                              Institute of Technology Sligo

Total value of award                 €9,980,831

Lero Researcher                       Francesco Pilla



Individual Change of HAbits Needed for Green European transition


Impacts related to climate change are evident in many sectors of human life, including health, economy and security. The European Green Deal has set the blueprint for a transformational change that will make Europe the first climate-neutral continent in the world. However, this will be difficult to achieve without the active involvement of citizens. With that in mind, the EU-funded I-CHANGE project will promote the strong participation and creative role of citizens and civil society towards environmental protection, as well as changes in habits and the development of more sustainable standards. To that end, it will adopt a multi-disciplinary, participatory approach and create a set of living labs to increase the public’s awareness of the scientific processes underlying climate change.


Funding Programme                 Horizon 2020 LC-GD-10-3-2020

Start date/End date                  1 November 2021/30 April 2025

Coordinator                              Centro Internazionale in Monitoraggio Ambientale - Fondazione CIMA, Italy

Total value of award                 €5,234,117

Lero researcher                         Francesco Pilla



Robotic Survey, Repair and Agile Manufacture


Europe's shipbuilding industry is well known for delivering new cutting-edge production processes. To maintain its competitive strength, it is important to improve shipyard productivity for manufacturing new high-technology vessels and increasing access to the specialist repair and maintenance market. The EU-funded RESURGAM project will deliver a breakthrough in tooling solutions for friction stir welding (FSW), a high-integrity, low-distortion and environmentally benign welding technique. Combining FSW with a new tooling solution and novel in-water robotic systems, the project will deliver a low-cost system for ship steel welding and repair that can be retrofitted to existing CNC machines, allowing for block connections in the shipbuilding process as well as for damaged ships to be repaired in place, without needing a dry-dock.


Funding Programme                 Horizon 2020-EU.3.4 MG-3-7-2020

Start date/End date                  1 February 2021/31 January 2024      

Coordinator                              European Federation for Welding Joining and Cutting, Belgium

Total value of award                  €6,123,140

Lero Researcher                       Daniel Toal, UL



TwinAIR aims to improve urban life by tackling the challenge of indoor air quality improvement by understating its complex interrelationship with external factors. This is achieved by introducing a novel set of tools for identifying sources and tracing a variety of pollutants and pathogens, for enhancing understanding of their effects and assessing their impact on health, for controlling building management systems and services in ways that mitigate part of the impacts and for helping citizens to develop better insights into pollution impacts, along with encouraging healthier, more sustainable choices.

Website                                    under construction

Funding Programme                 HORIZON-HLTH-2021-ENVHLTH-02-02

Start date/End date                  1 September 2022/31 August 2026

Coordinator                              University of Patras, Greece

Total value of award                 €7,994,070

Lero Researcher                        Francesco Pilla




SoluTions foR mItiGatinG climate-induced hEalth thReats

The main objective of TRIGGER is to identify, monitor and quantify direct and indirect impacts of climate change induced environmental hazards on human health through the direct collection of health, weather-climate, environmental and socio-economic data with user-friendly tools (sensors, simplified models, and data hub). The research activities lead to construct a concrete and workable toolbox, policy briefs and guidelines to support policy and decision makers in developing and applying climate actions supported by up-to-date medical scientific evidence, as well as to release educational activities and materials to raise awareness of the climate-health connections to the wider society.

Website                                    under construction

Funding Programme                 HORIZON-HLTH-2021-ENVHLTH-02-03

Start date/End date                  1 September 2022/31 August 2026

Coordinator                              University of Bologna, Italy

Total value of award                 €11,227,759

Lero researcher                         Francesco Pilla





Versatile artificial intelligence investigative technologies for revealing online cross-border financing activities of terrorism

Anti-FinTer will improve law enforcement capabilities, increase capacity and develop expertise in the area of terrorist financing associated with activities in dark web, crypto-assets, new payment systems, and darknet marketplaces.


Funding Programme                     Internal Security Fund – Police Programme

Start date/End date                      1 January 2022/31 December 2024

Coordinator                                 Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT)

Total value of award                     € 1,347,789

Lero Researchers                        Martin Mullins/Martin Cunneen/Darren Shannon/Kevin McDonnell