In November 2018, the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems and Lero – the Irish Software Research Centre (CSIS-Lero) submitted an application for an Athena SWAN Department Bronze Award.  We expect to know the outcome in April, 2019.


Current Athena SWAN actions

  • Continue meetings of the AS SAT to review action plan progress and to identify additional opportunities for gender equality as and when they arise.
  • Continue to update CSIS-Lero department meetings and S&E SAT on progress of the action plan.
  • Hold discussions with CS@Brunel.
  • Review information received through our membership of BCS CygnetS.
  • Gather and consider gender requirements where possible during building refurbishments.
  • Include Gender Aware presentations to the final year student project course in 2018-2019, to the Lero PhD Doctoral Symposium and at the CSIS-Lero talk series for PhD students, academics and researchers.
  • Set-up an ongoing strategic school engagement programme, targeting female-only and mixed schools.
  • Continue to increase profiles of Women in STEM at career information evenings, open days, in social media and in course promotional materials.
  • Create an all-female school visit/mentoring panel consisting of current undergraduates, UL alumni, current postgraduates and postdoctoral researchers. Current student members will be supported in applying for the President’s Volunteer Award (PVA)
  • Strategically target women to apply for positions in CSIS-Lero.
  • Promote PDR training to CSIS-Lero employees.
  • Require all those who are supervising employees to attend PDR management training.
  • Where possible, appoint female representatives to selection committees who are at the level commensurate with, and not higher than, the advertised position.
  • Host Women in STEM events.
  • Offer female PhD students opportunities to participate at Lero summits and doctoral symposia.
  • Update membership of the SAT to maintain diversity. 
  • Ensure continued undergraduate and postgraduate representation on the SAT.
  • Review the interdisciplinarity of our undergraduate programmes.
  • Strategically target our female undergraduate and taught postgraduate students regarding research opportunities.
  • Encourage leavers to take UL’s exit interview.
  • Propose an application for the appointment of at least one female professor in CSIS-Lero.
  • Schedule PDR meetings annually.
  • Follow up on PDR completion.
  • Discuss promotion with academics/researchers during PDR.
  • Through sponsorship and mentoring, we will support women in applying for larger grants.
  • Provide information about sponsorship and mentorship opportunities to our female students.
  • Develop individual career progression profiles for female researchers during PDR.
  • Encourage female CSIS academics/researchers to participate in relevant training courses.
  • Through PDR, offer that the CSIS-Lero Equality Officer will work with female academics/researchers to apply to the UL mentorship programme.
  • Discuss relevant leave entitlements with employees during PDR.
  • Develop the framework for the CSIS-Lero WAM.
  • Schedule decision-making meetings at times to suit the majority of committee members.
  • Ensure that all CSIS-Lero staff members complete Dignity and Respect training.
  • Ensure that all CSIS-Lero staff members complete Unconscious Bias training.
  • Brief any CSIS-Lero academic/researcher taking maternity/adoption leave on their entitlements, including the RGRAC.
  • If a senior lecturer position is advertised, actively encourage internal and external female applicants to apply.
  • When conferences and other events are organised in CSIS-Lero or by CSIS-Lero staff members, where possible highlight gender balance as something to be considered for programme committees, organising committees and keynote speakers.
  • When asked to participate in external events, where possible discuss gender balance of high-profile participants such as keynote speakers with the organising committee.
  • In at least one CSIS and one Lero meeting per academic year, promote UL leave policies.



CSIS-Lero Athena SWAN Self-Assessment team, January 2019




Other Athena SWAN specific responsibilities

BCS Representative

Prof Mike Hinchey

CSIS Course Marketing Co-ordinator

Mr J.J. Collins

PDR Advocate

Dr Sarah Beecham