The David Lorge Parnas Fellowship has been established to honour David Parnas who was Professor of Software Engineering at University of Limerick until his retirement in 2008, and where he is now Emeritus Professor of Software Engineering.

The Fellowship is a senior position and is intended to allow talented software researchers and developers to visit Lero on a short-term basis. Fellows can be hosted at any of the Lero partner institutions but are expected to visit at least two Lero sites during their stay.

Fellows are also expected to collaborate closely with relevant industry partners. Fellows will deliver a Distinguished Lecture while at Lero and will discuss research topics with Lero students and staff. This distinguished Fellowship will cover expenses plus a fellowship award of €7,000.

Lero, the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Software, is Ireland’s national software research centre. Lero was established in 2005 and is headquartered at University of Limerick. The centre involves all universities in Ireland, with member institutions in Cork, Dublin, Dundalk, Limerick, Galway, Tralee and Maynooth.


(From Left): David Parnas with Brian Fitzgerald, Director of Lero.


Current Parnas Fellows

Matt Dwyer

Kurt Geihs

Jim Herbsleb

Alan R. Hevner

Jeff Kramer

Axel Legay

Kalle Lyytinen

Nancy R Mead

Tao Xie

John Grundy

Andrea Zisman

Federica Sarro


Applying for the David L. Parnas Fellowship

Applications are invited annually for the Fellowship. This is announced on major lists such as SEWorld and ISWorld. Applications are reviewed by the David Lorge Parnas Fellowship Advisory Board, which comprises the following members:

  • Lionel Briand (Chair)
  • Luigina Ciolfi
  • Kieran Conboy
  • David Lorge Parnas
  • Ita Richardson
  • Conor Ryan.

Interested applicants should forward a CV and a short cover letter (max 2 pages) indicating why s/he would be a suitable candidate for this Fellowship (e.g., some preliminary suggestions of potential research activities and collaborations). Applications should be submitted to before 1st March 2024.


Frequently Asked Questions about the David L. Parnas Fellowship

What is the output expected from the Fellow in terms of papers, collaborations, grant proposals etc?
We have not defined expected outputs per se, but we would foresee that any fellowship will, in the longer term, result in specific outputs.

What is the minimum / maximum length of stay?
The visits can be several short visits of 1-2 per weeks or a longer visit. This is decided between the fellow and their Lero collaborator.

How will accommodation be organised?
Accommodation varies depending on your specific need. Lero administration will support you in organising this.

Am I expected to work with anyone specific within Lero?
You should be working with a research team led by any of the Co-Principal Investigators who are listed here. You are also expected to work in two locations during your fellowship, which means that you will need to work with your primary contact to ensure that you have a second contact within the Research Centre. These collaborations do not have to be finalised at time of application.

Does my research need to be aligned with Lero’s research?
We expect that you will collaborate with at least two people within Lero, and so there must be an alignment with their research. Co-Principal Investigators are listed here.

Will Lero provide contacts to relevant industry partners?
Lero have active research projects with 50 industry partners. You will be able to link with relevant partners through your Lero collaborator.

Will I be giving a talk while I am at Lero?
We very much welcome speakers at Lero, and encourage our David Lorge Parnas Fellows to make a presentation in each location they visit. Additionally, they should meet individually with relevant PhD students.