Since it was founded in 2005, Lero has become one of the best-known, and most highly regarded, software research centres in the world.

Lero brings together leading software teams from universities and institutes of technology in a coordinated centre of research excellence with a strong industry focus. Lero comprises more than 300 researchers across 11 academic institutions.

Lero’s Responsible Software Engineering agenda underpins our strategic research areas and ensures that software delivers values such as privacy, security, trust and inclusion; key topics for companies now and in the future .

Our research brings together multidisciplinary research teams to cover three overarching areas:

  • Systems (What we build) Connected systems and next generation architecture
  • Methods (How we build software) Processes, tools & platforms
  • Context (For the world we want ) Values, Governance

We work across multiple sectors with our industry partners who are leaders in a wide range of application domains from driverless cars to artificial intelligence and ICT, cybersecurity, fintech, govtech, smart communities, agtech and healthtech.

Working together

Collaboration is at the very core of what we do. Our industry partners are a vital part of the research centre and together we address exciting new opportunities in our partners’ markets that deliver economic value and help future proof companies for the challenges that lie ahead in increasingly competitive environments.

Lero works with industry partners to identify and solve specific problems, working to create or expand the R&D footprint of companies both nationally and internationally.

Our five-step process provides a high-level view of how we can work together:

  1. Identify them opportunity or problem
  2. Assemble research team
  3. Define project
  4. Access funding support - The industry partner can fund the research and reclaim some of the costs through R&D credits. Funding can be sought from various funding agencies such as Enterprise IrelandScience Foundation IrelandHorizon Europe
  5. Collaborate and deliver


How companies can benefit from collaboration with Lero

  • Access to world leading researchers. Lero brings together interdisciplinary teams from across multiple disciplines.
  • Technology & Knowledge Transfer
    • From licensing, to ongoing project discussions to industry workshops and talks: Lero regularly organises industry focussed workshops and talks from leading researchers on topics as diverse as agile techniques and developing software for regulated environments.
    • Access the best post graduate software talent available. The Lero Graduate School in Software Engineering (LGSSE) provides a pipe-line of industry ready PhD graduates.
  • Use of state-of-the-art equipment and technology
  • Industry-focused solutions delivering commercial value


Industry Partners

  • Multinational Companies

  • Small to Medium Enterprises



John Cormican, General Manager, Jaguar Land Rover Ireland

“Jaguar Land Rover have been working with Lero since the Shannon operation was established in May 2017. Lero have been instrumental, working alongside Jaguar Land Rover, in helping to define the direction of CAV Ireland. The relationships that Lero have nurtured both across industry and research has allowed CAV Ireland to become quickly established in Ireland. Their contribution to defining the policy and direction of CAV has been vital. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Lero.”

Autonomous Cranes - Liebherr and Lero


For More Information Contact

Denise Manton, Business Development & Commercialisation Manager
Telephone : +353 61 233790