Lero leads a national blended autonomous vehicles research programme in partnership with research centres Connect and Insight as well as a range of SMEs and multinational firms. It is part of the Science Foundation Ireland Spokes programme. Like the SFI Research Centres, the Spokes programme links scientists and engineers in partnerships across academia and industry to address crucial research questions, foster the development of new and existing Ireland-based technology companies, attract industry that could make an important contribution to Ireland and its economy, and expand educational and career opportunities in Ireland in science and engineering.

The Blended Autonomous Vehicles Spoke focusses on challenges facing the use of driverless vehicles in blended or mixed environments with pedestrians, animals and human-operated vehicles. Researchers work with partners in Valeo Vision Systems, Jaguar Land Rover, Kostal, Liebherr, Dairymaster, Greenval, Pavement Management Systems, Transpoco, McHale and Combilift. 

From the need to better understand and interpret data coming from cameras, radar and lidar systems to the opportunities to create new business models, projects in this programme are developing world-class solutions that have the potential to provide significant scientific, economic and social impact.


John Cormican, General Manager, Jaguar Land Rover Ireland

“Jaguar Land Rover have been working with Lero since the Shannon operation was established in May 2017. Lero have been instrumental, working alongside Jaguar Land Rover, in helping to define the direction of CAV Ireland. The relationships that Lero have nurtured both across industry and research has allowed CAV Ireland to become quickly established in Ireland. Their contribution to defining the policy and direction of CAV has been vital. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Lero.”


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