Jonathan Collins, Research & Development Manager, Liebherr - Automating the Future 

“Autonomous operation and data driven technologies are the next milestone for our industry and customers. By partnering with LERO we are ensuring Liebherr has access to the latest cutting-edge technical research, allowing us to be on the forefront of our industry by applying these technologies on our machines.”

John Cormican, General Manager, Jaguar Land Rover Ireland

“Jaguar Land Rover have been working with Lero since the Shannon operation was established in May 2017. Lero have been instrumental, working alongside Jaguar Land Rover, in helping to define the direction of CAV Ireland. The relationships that Lero have nurtured both across industry and research has allowed CAV Ireland to become quickly established in Ireland. Their contribution to defining the policy and direction of CAV has been vital. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Lero.”


Niall White, Principal Design Engineer for Gaming, Logitech

“Logitech are world leaders in the design of technologies that let humans interact with computers in novel ways and we understand the importance of related research in this ever expanding area. The area of computer games and the explosion of new and related interaction techniques, styles, and devices are of particular interest to us. This research is cross disciplinary in nature and is situated at the intersection of computer science and cognitive psychology. We felt that Lero and access to researchers in the University of Limerick would give us the correct cross-disciplinary team to take on the task. After the first year we immediately agreed a second one-year project which has now turned in to a further three years. Logitech in Cork has become the centre for our esports research and is now in the process of creating a software team based at our Cork site which will work on this area.”


Clodagh NicCanna, Development Director, Ocuco

“Ocuco have continued to work with Lero for an extended 2-year period as we journey through our implementation of SAFe and the Global Teaming Model. Lero have now reviewed all as-is processes and the imple-mentation to the to-be is well underway in Ocuco’s development team. The documenta-tion, the process maps, survey results and the research papers Lero has produced have proved invaluable to Ocuco. We’ve been able to present these to customers, new joiners and indeed audit inspectors to prove that we are at the forefront of the best practice in the Software Development Industry.”

Robert McCarthy, Business Development and Innovation, IBM Ireland

Niall O’Callaghan, IDA Business & Relationship Manager, Mid West Region

“Lero is of huge benefit to demonstrate industry-research collaboration and the art of the possible…”


Alex Estevam, Technical Program Manager, Dell


“At Dell Limerick, the teams involved in software engineering overall didn’t have much of an Agile culture in terms of Flow as an agile tenet. This weekend we just delivered 58 work items produced in 4 sprints, which is almost 3 times our productivity before Flow”.


Jonathan Horgan, Deep Learning & Computer Vision Architecture Manager, Valeo Vision Systems

"Since Valeo has engaged with Lero in 2017 it has allowed us to significantly scale up the size of our research projects while giving us access to expand our research collaborations across multiple Lero member institutions. The collaboration with Lero has led to a very smooth process of interaction with multiple academic leaders in our field of research creating the potential for significant future positive impact for Valeo as a result.”


Ross Smith, Director of Engineering, Microsoft

“This important work is a result of a great ongoing partnership with SFI, Lero and University College Dublin to research and understand how we can apply AI for good and leverage technology to help young people in need access education and learning opportunities online.” 

 Gavin Shorten Manager, IBM Innovation Exchange

 “Our relationship with Lero is very productive. Four recent Lero recruits have become PIs in IBM”


TJ O’ Connor, Bon Secours Hospital Manager, Tralee

“Patient satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. Our projects with Lero all look at our processes from the patient’s point of view, with the aim of removing steps in the delivery of our services that our patients would not find valuable. These projects will benefit our hospital and our staff, as well as our patients, by releasing staff time for patient care.”