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PDF icon 2023 TR 01 Patching OSS Vulnerabilities.pdf



PDF icon2021_TR04_Healthcare_Do_Not_Attend_Literature_Review.pdf

PDF icon2021_TR03_Gender_Analysis_in_STEM.pdf

PDF icon2021_TR02_Design_Patterns_ReDEAP.pdf

PDF icon2021_TR_01_InterSurvey_ReEAP_Protocol.pdf



PDF icon2020_TR11_Scaling_Agile_Review_Protocol.pdf

PDF icon2020_TR10_GSD_Review_Protocol.pdf

File2020_TR_09_Ethics Assessment of the Smart Dublin Programme.docx

PDF icon2020_TR_08_Breast Cancer_Engineering your way to being more physically active.pdf

PDF icon​​​ 2020_TR_07_GSD_Process_Assessment.pdf

PDF icon​​​ 2020_TR_06 Global Teaming Model - Regulated Software.pdf

PDF icon​​​ 2020-TR-05_Covigilant SFI Application Tech Report.pdf

PDF icon​​​ 2020_TR_04_Accessibility Directive - OnLine Teaching.pdf

PDF icon​​​ Scaling_Agile_and_Risk_in_GSD_2020_TR003.pdf

PDF icon​​​ 2020_TR_02_State_of_the_Art_Report_on_Clone_Detection.pdf (Revised 2020)

PDF icon​​​ 2020_TR_01_Feature_Location_Technique_for_application.pdf (Revised 2020)



PDF icon​​​ TR_2019_06_Report_on_Refactoring_Type_III_clones.pdf


PDF icon​​​ 2019_TR_04_Junior Cycle Coding in Action– a CPD initiative to support the introduction of the Junior Cycle short course Coding.pdf

PDF icon​​​ TR_2019_03.pdf

PDF icon​​​ TR_2019_02 Protocol for a Structured Literature Review of Decision-making Factors for the Adoption of Health Information Systems.pdf

PDF icon​​​ TR_2019_01_Protocol_for_GSD_Arch_Design_Framework.pdf



PDF icon​​ TR_2018_01_Richardson, I., Porras, D. Use of Monitoring System by patients with Diabetes .pdf

PDF icon​​ Lero TR_2018_02_ICGSE2017_OpenSpaceGSE-EdPanel.pdf

PDF icon​​ TR_2018_03_Compendium of Practices.pdf

PDF icon​​ TR_2018_04_Reflection Paper_Young People Social Inclusion and Digitalisation.pdf

PDF icon​​ TR_2018_05_Symposium Report_Connecting the Dots.pdf

PDF icon​​ Lero Technical Report TR_2018_06.pdf



PDF icon​​ 2017_TR_07_State_of_the_Art_Report_on_Clone_Detection.pdf

PDF icon​​ 2017_TR_06_Feature_Location_Technique_for_application.pdf

PDF icon​​ 2017_TR_05_Designing Privacy-aware Internet of Things Applications.pdf

TR_2017_04 Abbas, Carroll, Beecham, Richardson Protocol for a Mapping Study of TRUST FACTORS IN HEALTHCARE TECHNOLOGY: A HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL PERSPECTIVE

TR 2017_03 Ahmad, Richardson, Beecham Protocol for a Systematic Literature Review of Social Network Systems for Older Adults

TR_2017_01 Bass, Beecham, Noll, Razzak, All Hands To The Pumps: The Product Owner Role in Small Companies

TR_2017_02_Beecham_Noll_Razzak-Lean Global Project Interview Protocol



Lero_TR_ 2016_01_Elaine Dobell, Sebastian Herold, Jim Buckley., Spreadsheet Error Categorization And Audit documentation

Lero TR 2016 02 Klaas-Jan Stol,  Managing Software Sourcing with Alternative Workforces: A Holistic Overview and Research Agenda



Lero_TR_2015_06_Noel Carroll_Estonian Personalised Medicine Pilot Project Evaluation Methodology

Lero_TR_2015_05_Claude Y. Laporte, Rory V. O'Connor, Ronald Houde and Joseph Marvin_ISO/IEC 29110: Systems Engineering Standards for Very Small Enterprises

Lero-TR-2015-04, Carroll N, Kennedy C, Richardson I. "Mapping Study Papers discussed in: Scoping the Challenges towards a Connected Community Healthcare Ecosystem (CCHE) for Managing Long-Term Conditions". Lero 2015

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Lero-TR-02_Sarah Beecham, John Noll _Measuring Global Distance A survey of Distance Factors and Interventions

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