TitleInsights into the Advancements of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the Present State of Art, and Future Prospects: Seven Decades of Digital Revolution
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsBindra P, Kshirsagar M, Ryan C, Vaidya G, Gupt KKumar, Kshirsagar V
EditorSatapathy SChandra, Bhateja V, Favorskaya MN, Adilakshmi T.
Conference NameSmart Computing Techniques and Applications
PublisherSpringer Singapore
Conference LocationSingapore
ISBN Number978-981-16-0878-0

The desire of human intelligence to surpass its potential has triggered the emergence of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Over the last seven decades, these terms have gained much prominence in the digital arena due to its wide adoption of techniques for designing affluent industry-enabled solutions. In this comprehensive survey on artificial intelligence, the authors provide insights from the evolution of machine learning and artificial intelligence to the present state of art and how the technology in future can be exploited to yield solutions to some of the challenging global problems. The discussion centers around successful deployment of diverse use cases for the present state of affairs. The rising interest among researchers and practitioners led to the unfolding of AI into many popular subfields as we know today. Through the course of this research article, the authors provide brief highlights about techniques for supervised as well as unsupervised learning. AI has paved the way to accomplish cutting-edge research in complex competitive domains ranging from autonomous driving, climate change, cyber-physical security systems, to healthcare diagnostics. The study concludes by depicting the growing share in market revenues from artificial intelligence-powered products and the forecasted billions of dollars worth of market shares ahead in the coming decade.