TitleAn Intelligent Empowering Agent (IEA) to Provide Easily Understood and Trusted Health Information Appropriate to the User Needs
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsAlfano M, Kellett J, Lenzitti B, Helfert M
EditorLongo L, O'Reilly R
Conference NameArtificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science
PublisherSpringer Nature Switzerland
Conference LocationCham
ISBN Number978-3-031-26438-2

Most members of the public, including patients, usually obtain health information from Web searches using generic search engines, which is often overwhelming, too generic, and of poor quality. Although patients may be better informed, they are often none the wiser and not empowered to communicate with medical professionals so that their care is compatible with their needs, values, and best interests. Intelligent Empowering Agents (IEA) use AI to filter medical information and assist the user in the understanding of health information about specific complaints or health in general. We have designed and developed a prototype of an IEA that dialogues with the user in simple language, collects health information from the Web, and provides tailored, easily understood, and trusted information. It empowers users to create their own comprehensive and objective opinion on health matters that concern them. This paper describes the IEA main characteristics and presents the results of subjective and objective tests carried out to assess the effectiveness of the IEA.