Date / Time: Wednesday 29th November, 2023, 15:00

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In the dynamic landscape of software development, the emphasis on efficient processes has never been more critical. This talk consolidates observations and analyses of three key process domains: Code Review, Bug Tracking, and Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD). Understanding and identifying 'process smells' in these areas can offer valuable insights into process inefficiencies and potential areas of improvement. Just as 'code smells' can signify underlying problems in a codebase, 'process smells' can indicate suboptimal practices in software development workflows. In Code Review, process smells may be manifest in numerous unresolved discussions, extended durations of review cycles, or self-reviews. In Bug Tracking, process smells may involve excessive time lapses between bug reports and responses, missing critical information, or persistently unresolved issues. With regard to the CI/CD process, smells may be indicated by frequent build failures, delayed deployment times, or manual execution of pipeline steps. By shedding light on these areas, we hope to enhance the overall efficiency of software development processes, optimize workflow practices, and contribute to the creation of high-quality software products.

Short Bio:

Eray Tüzün is an Assistant Professor at Bilkent University, leading the Software Engineering and Data Analytics Research Group in the Department of Computer Engineering. With over 15 years of software design and development experience, he has held various roles in the software industry, including Team Lead, Product Owner, and Software Engineer. His research interests are software analytics, empirical software engineering, and software reuse. Tüzün earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science and a PhD in Information Systems. He is the Bilkent University representative in the International Software Engineering Research Network and a Senior Member of IEEE.