Technology that was once the stuff of science fiction is now a reality and is evolving at a fast pace. How will this affect society?

About this Event

This event is jointly organised by three Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Funded Research Centres ("CONFIRM", the SFI funded Research Centre for Smart Manufacturing, "Lero", the SFI funded Research Centre for Software and "SSPC", the SFI funded Research Centre for Pharmaceuticals) based at the Univeristy of Limerick as part of the Limerick Festival of Science and Science Week 2020.

Since the 1970's, technology has been advancing at an exponential rate and it continues to do so today. Technology is woven into the fabric of modern society. In our homes, at work, in our cars; we all use smart technology in some way every single day.

"Machines" such as robotics have become central to modern society and are used in a myriad of ways from automation to performing tasks that a human alone simply could not complete.

Despite the fact that we rely on machines so heavily, there has been much negative coverage in the media in recent years, particularly around the topic of automation.

Join our panel of expert speakers form CONFIRM, Lero & SSPC who discuss the concept of machines with respect to their own research areas and explore some of the ways in which current advancements in machines and technology have positively impacted society.


Dr. Luis Padrela (SSPC), Department of Chemical Sciences, Univeristy of Limerick

Prof. Conor Ryan (Lero), Department of Computer Science & Information Systems, Univeristy of Limerick

Dr. Donna O' Shea (Confirm), Chair of Cyber Security, Cork Institute of Technology