Workshop Dates:
Tuesday Nov 10th 11-11:45
Wednesday Nov 11th 11-11:45
Thursday Nov 12th 11-11:45

Target Audience:
Second-level students aged 14-18

What’s needed:
Access to web accessible device such as a phone, tablet, PC, chromebook. Workshop will be delivered online via zoom. Students will also need a pen and paper. Zoom link with be shared with class teacher before workshop.

Workshop details:
Lero researchers at UL are running machine learning workshops during Science Week. During these workshops the researchers will introduce and explain what machine learning is, describe their research on machine learning and then conduct a machine learning exercise with the class group. This will introduce students to Evolutionary Algorithms, a mixture of computer science and biology. The workshop is designed to be run online in a 40 minute period so that it can be delivered during school time.

Teachers can reserve a session by emailing

Download Flyer:

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