As we think about Responsible Software Engineering, (, responsible in the way we conduct our research, responsible in the way we engineer our software, and responsible in the way we consider the impact of our software deployments, let us consider the role of kindness.

Kindness can boost happiness and wellbeing. It can benefit individuals (e.g., increasing resilience) as well as society (e.g., increasing trust). With digital technology permeating our daily lives, there are increasing opportunities for such technology to enable, mediate, and amplify kindness in society. Kind Computing, a new computing paradigm, explicitly incorporates kindness into the development and use of digital technology

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Panel Members:

Dr. Faeq Alrimawi, Lero/University of Limerick

Dr. Katie Crowley, Lero/University of Limerick

Dr. David Bush, Ascolto

Eamonn Kennedy, Chief Product & Technology Officer , Storyful

Date and time

Thu, 28 April 2022

13:00 – 13:45

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