Federica Sarro is a Professor of Software Engineering at University College London (UK), where she is the Head of the Software System Engineering group.

Professor Sarro has extensive academic and industrial expertise in Search-Based Software Engineering, Empirical Software Engineering and Software Analytics, with a focus on automated software management, optimisation, testing and repair.
On these topics she has published over 100 peer-reviewed scholarly articles, and she has been invited to give keynotes and present her work world-wide at several academic and industrial international events.

Professor Sarro has obtained numerous awards and generous funding for her research. She has worked in collaboration with several companies including Bloomberg, Google, Meta, and Microsoft. In 2021, she was awarded the Rising Star Award by the IEEE Technical Community on Software Engineering in recognition of her “excellence in Software Engineering research with scholarly and real-world impact”.

Professor Sarro has served in leadership roles for several well-renewed software engineering international events including as Programme Chair and Steering Committee member of ACM/IEEE ASE, IEEE ICSME, ACM/IEEE ESEM, and as Associate Editor of the ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology (TOSEM).  She recently completed a 3-year term as member of the Executive Committee of the IEEE Computer Society Technical Community on Software Engineering.

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